PJ WU5570 Standard Projector

PJ WU5570 Standard Projector Enhance your presentations with ease

Enhance your presentations with ease

WUGA Resolution (1920x1200 dpi)
Brightness rating of 5500 lumens
Screen size up to 300"
Connect to any camera, DVD player, computer and more with dual HDMI ports

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Enhance your presentations with ease

Turn "Can you see that?" into "Did you see that!" with the RICOH PJ WU5570 Standard Presentation Projector. Project brilliant, lifelike reproductions in high-definition on almost any surface up to 300" diagonally to captivate audiences in mid-size conference centers, classrooms and auditoriums. Every detail of every image, schematic, movie and other visual can be seen clearly in 1920 x 1200 WUXGA native resolution to keep participants paying attention to your message.

Make presentations bright, sharp and effective

Don't let your presentation be washed out by forces you can't control. Keep colors bright and details sharp with 5,500 lumens — even when presenting in sun-drenched rooms or other venues. The 9,000:1 contrast ratio adds more definition between light and dark colors, so everything from the first scene of an action-packed movie to the last number on a financial spreadsheet can be viewed with equal clarity.

Keep distractions to a minimum

Make sure your message stays clear at all times. The presentation projector system does most of the work for you, including automatically balancing itself and adjusting projected colors to complement the backdrop. But you can use Keystone Correction Image Adjustment to fine-tune the presentation when necessary with the easy-to-use remote control.

Customize your presentation for your audience

Choose from multiple HDMI, USB and other connection ports to plug in almost any device and change how you project your information on the big screen. It's easy to make adjustments in moments. In fact, you can have your administrator do it for you from a remote location with optional management software.

Easy mounting and setup saves you time

Stay focused on your presentation, not logistics. The PJ WU5570 presentation projector can be mounted, so you won't have to worry about tracking it down and setting it up moments before your audience arrives. It starts within seconds and shuts down quietly so all eyes remain on you and your presentation.

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