D7500 with Business Controller Interactive Whiteboard

D7500 with Business Controller Interactive Whiteboard Enhance real-time collaboration and help protect information

Enhance real-time collaboration and help protect information

Work on a 75" 4K multi-touch display
Impress with 3840 x 2160 4K resolution
Connect laptops and mobile devices
Collaborate effectively and enhance data security with the business controller

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Enhance real-time collaboration and help protect information

Today's workplace is quickly evolving, and the 75" 4K RICOH D7500 Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) with business controller can help you keep up and stay productive. You'll have peace of mind when employees and customers collaborate with the D7500 Ñ this interactive flat panel display (IFPD) with business controller can exist on your network and behind your firewall to help protect your information assets and intellectual property.

Reach a higher level of audience engagement

Inspire active participation during meetings, presentations and brainstorming sessions. Vivid 3840 x 2160 4K resolution and 10-bit processing of more than one billion colors bring complex graphics and details to life. Brilliant images and video quality will keep viewers interested. For those less-than-ideal lighting situations, the anti-glare touchscreen with LED backlighting make it easy to see what's on the screen Ñ even from the back row.

Help stave off cyber security threats

Whether intentional or not, there's always a risk that users can install viruses, malware and ransomware on business controllers Ñ we've reduced this risk by preventing users from adding new software. We also use McAfee whitelist software to keep users from making software modifications. You can rest easy knowing that only administrators can access your controller's configuration settings through password authentication.

Help protect against more advanced security threats

Enhance security even more to help safeguard your information assets, through measures such as password protecting PDFs that are shared on or off your network. Our business controller restricts access to users on your network to help keep your ideas safe from theft. You also get file storage safeguards that help protect shared documents, and user-behavior safeguards that keep users who have logged off of your IWB from recovering confidential data.

Make collaboration across your private network easy

Share ideas in real-time on your private network with any of your organization's offices throughout the world Ñ you can opt to add a collaborative license that's as cost-effective, scalable and flexible as the public cloud while enjoying the benefits of your network firewall. This option offers two-way collaboration with up to 19 additional IWBs, and each licensed IWB can connect with up to 50 endpoints Ñ including laptops and smart devices.

Take user-friendly collaboration company wide

The D7500 is easy to deploy Ñ even in your most remote offices, you'll need little to no IT support. Plus, there's no proprietary software, no recurring maintenance fees and no need to connect to a dedicated computer. With the optional mobile stand, intuitive user experience and ease of connecting to Ricoh projectors to collaborate with large groups, every user in your organization will enjoy plenty of flexibility.

Make working across distances easier for your team

With our optional UCS software, you can add intuitive videoconferencing to bring employees and customers together no matter where they are in the world. Face-to-face interactions lead to more effective collaboration Ñ helping to give your company the competitive edge with new ideas and innovations. Plus, our UCS software takes up no more than 2 MBps, so you can keep ideas moving without interruption.

Get added value and a stronger ROI

Our goal is to help your team work smarter and collaborate more efficiently by providing you with the latest in workplace innovations. When you're ready to deploy your D7500 with business controller, our extensive network and consulting services will be on hand to help ensure your success. Plus, our SMB and global enterprise teams can tailor an all-in-one collaboration solution specific to your unique business needs.

Collaborate successfully with technical backup

Improve the ROI of a D7500 interactive flat panel display by giving users on-call technical support. Help is just a screen touch or call away with RICOH Live Tech Support. Connect in moments to a live agent via video chat or phone to resolve setup or operating questions. Keep meetings productive while lightening IT's load.

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