D5520BK with Business Controller Interactive Whiteboard Interactive Whiteboard

D5520BK with Business Controller Interactive Whiteboard Interactive Whiteboard Help make team collaboration more secure and effective

Help make team collaboration more secure and effective

Work on a 55'' HD LCD display
Impress with 1920 x 1080 HD resolution
Connect laptops and mobile devices
Enhance collaboration with our business controller and videoconferencing service

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Help make team collaboration more secure and effective

Transform your workplace through collaboration among onsite/offsite workers and customers — while helping to protect your confidential and regulated data from cyber threats and internal data leakage with our 55” HD LCD Ricoh D5520BK Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) with Business Controller. Use the D5520BK to brainstorm, collaborate on documents, give interactive presentations and more.

Increase onsite and remote user participation

Hold the attention of team members and customers with lifelike quality on our enterprise-grade IWBs. Showcase presentations or collaborate on documents in crisp 1920 x 1080 HD. Help to ensure that onsite participants can see what's on your screen in almost any lighting conditions thanks to an anti-glare touchscreen with LED backlighting and deep contrast.

Defend against viruses and malware

Help prevent accidental or malicious downloads of viruses and malware by restricting end-users from adding new software to the business controller. Plus, you can get additional protection with McAfee whitelist software that helps to safeguard the business controller by preventing modifications to the system software. You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that only admins can access configuration settings by physically setting their passwords — helping to keep hackers from bypassing your security policies on new D5520BK deployments.

Defend against risky user behavior

Help reduce potential vulnerabilities in your real-time collaboration security with our business controller's network security and user-behavior safeguards. Password-protect PDF files, helping to ensure document security when PDFs are distributed on or off your network. Restrict end users to collaborating on your private network. Plus, you can protect information that users leave on the screen by making it unrecoverable when they log out.

Collaborate across your private network

Add a collaborative license to our IWB Lt. software on the D5520BK to enable two-way collaboration with as many as 19 additional IWBs. Each IWB can connect to as many as 50 endpoints with two-way collaboration. You can distribute up to 20 licensed IWBs on your network for real-time collaboration, and join interactive remote meetings with up to 1,000 participants without incurring an additional public cloud service fee.

Get more face time with videoconferencing

Connect our optional IWB camera or bundle the D5520BK with our videoconferencing service to enable genuine face-to-face interactions that can improve communication with remote participants. Scale videoconferencing with our optional UCS service, which lets you start or join a videoconference from almost any laptop, mobile device or legacy videoconferencing equipment.

Accelerate wide user adoption with simplicity

Start using the D5520BK right away — there's no need to connect it to a dedicated computer. With its intuitive user experience, you can deploy the D5520BK in remote offices, home offices and other locations with limited IT support. The intuitive touchscreen can detect 10 touches at once, and it allows you to easily switch between tasks, zoom in and zoom out, make natural drawings and handwritten annotations, and undo changes with just the touch of your finger. Easily move the D5520BK around your workplace with a rolling Ricoh mobile stand.

Maximize your ROI with our services

Make the most of your IT investment by enhancing usability with the help of our collaboration and office productivity services. We also offer implementation services, huddle and meeting room planning, 24/7 global support, and cloud solutions for conferencing, unified communications, videoconferencing and other collaboration needs. Streamline your office productivity as you seamlessly connect the D5520BK to our multifunction printers (MFPs) and digital projectors to collaborate with large groups.

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Make collaboration with remote and onsite workers easier and more efficient with the D5520BK Interactive Whiteboard

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